John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

Day By Day reveals Sam's Valentine's Day gift to Zed. Wonder how Mary would look carrying one of these?

OK, I've settled down now. Where was I?

Newsbusters has this in their weekly captionfest. The actual caption as reported is interesting. Isn't Taco Bell responsible for "global warming"?

Virginia Postrel is running a contest to give away tickets to the premiere of Ghost Rider. I thought the poster was interesting, in that Nicholas Cage's name is superimposed on Eva Mendez's picture and vice versa. That could be confusing. Anyway, if you're interested, check out the link.

Rhymes With Right explains the recent profit report from Exxon-Mobil (there's more that I could have said, but spared you) and comments on "stroke of the pen, law of the land" legislation in Texas.

Don Surber points out "We spend more on Medicare and Medicaid than we do defending the nation. Forget Hillarycare. Our budget is being busted by these twins of LBJ."

Cinnamon Stillwell tells us, " Want to Know What's Really Going on in Afghanistan? Listen to the Military, Not the Media".

Have a good Saturday!
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