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John Holton

Went to the doctor today. I've put on a couple of pounds, but I'm still down about 60 from last year at this time. She changed my antidepressant and added a fat blocker (kind of expensive, but apparently quite effective), and gave me a shot of B12 and folate. Good news: my blood pressure was in the more-or-less normal range (138/78). Considering that my blood pressure when I started going to her was closer to 200/100, that's excellent. (Technically the systolic is high, but much improved.)

She told Mary and me to get up at 6 every morning and go out for a walk or do some sort of exercise, and to get to bed by 10. We may have to adjust that to bed by 11, up by 7, but personally I'm happy with that. I feel better when I'm up early and in bed early, and sleep better. It might be a little tough for Mary, but I'll pull her through.

I do believe that the B12 shot is kicking in. I don't feel quite so fuzzy headed all of a sudden.

The county has showed up to dig up our front yard to put in new sewers. OK, they haven't started digging in our yard yet, but there's sewer pipe lying down beside our house, and there are little flags flying all over the place to let them know where the phone and cable TV are, and red lines drawn where the electric and gas lines are. It's a little inconvenient, but either they do it now or do it when the sewer collapses and takes half of my front yard with it. We're the lucky folks with the storm culvert in the back yard, so they'll need to do more digging on us, but they did promise to replace all of the Bermuda sod that we put in (at considerable expense) a couple of years ago.

The weather's beautiful here--sunny and not very cold (49 degrees right now). I'm working with the window open. My office gets very warm because it's on the south side of the house, and doesn't get a lot of the breeze, so having the window open keeps it from getting beastly in here.

Anyway, back to work. Just figured you'd like to hear something from me other than complaints about politicians. You know, I've considered starting a blog over on Blogger for the politics and keeping this for personal stuff. I'm just not sure that I want to gain that sort of exposure. What do you all think?
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