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Right now, the Atlanta Braves and the Chicago Cubs have the same record, 83-76.

The Braves are in third place, four games out in the NL East with three to play, and in fifth place five games back in the Wild Card race. It'll take a miracle for the Braves to make the playoffs.

The Cubs, on the other hand, are in first place in the NL Central, two up on Milwaukee with three to go and a Magic Number of two (that means any combination of Cub wins and Brewer losses put the Cubs in the playoffs).

I'm from Chicago originally. I was a White Sox fan when I lived there (and to this day). I've been a Braves fan since moving to Atlanta twenty years ago. In short, I HATE the Cubs. The fact that they're the likely winners of the NL Central REALLY sticks in my craw, and the fact that the Braves have the same record and will probably have to go home on Sunday REALLY, REALLY sticks in my craw.

The Cubs are playing the Florida Marlins (69-90, in last place in the NL East) this weekend. The Brewers are playing the San Diego Padres (88-71, 1 game out in the NL west and currently the favorite to win the NL Wild Card). If there is justice in the world, the Marlins will sweep the Cubs, the Brewers will sweep San Diego, the Braves will sweep the Astros and everyone in front of them will get swept so the Braves get into the playoffs.

How likely is it that will happen? A snowball has a better chance in Hell.

But hey, I'm a baseball fan.
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