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Saw my brother from California (bayarts's neighbor) for lunch yesterday. I haven't seen him since my nephew's graduation from high school. He's a lot heavier and grayer than he used to be. I talk to him almost every week, but it was really good to see him. Also talked to my brother who still lives in the Chicago area for the first time in weeks. He had no news to report. Still good to hear from him.

The Cubs are one game away from elimination in the NLDS. Couldn't happen to a better team.

I've been listening to the smooth jazz offering on most of this week, and so far I have yet to hear any Motown oldies or '70's era light rock. Finally, a station that gets it.

I'm typing with two hands on my laptop. So far, I can't do the same on the Mac keyboard. It's getting easier, though.
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