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the_paulr had a meme that I thought was interesting, so I volunteered to play:

"Comment on this post. I will choose seven userpics from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are using them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so others can play along."

Here are the ones he chose, with my explanation:

This is my current icon, which some of you have complained makes you ill. I'm a big TV fan, and when I was a kid I was the kind that got up at six and watched the test card for an hour before the station came on. These are four such test cards: the famous RCA "Indian head" card, the 1956 resolution chart, BBC Test Card F, and a generic PAL color card used in much of Europe. I animated it using The GIMP (The GNU Image Manipulation Program) which is powerful, and FREE. (

There's a cigar store at the corner of 63rd and Pulaski in Chicago. This fellow stands on top of the building and originally advertised White Owl cigars. An optometrist has the office next door, and he must have arranged to use the Indian for advertising, so now it advertises Eye Exams. He now wears glasses, by the way; if I ever get back to Chicago (before the final trip, when I'll be buried at St. Casimir Cemetery), I'll get a new picture.

This is another Chicago icon. Magikist is a carpet cleaner, and was better known for the signs than the carpet cleaning. There were three of these, one on the Dan Ryan Expressway (I90/94) on the south side, one on the Kennedy Expressway on the north side (also I90/94) and one on the Eisenhower Expressway (I290) on the West Side. The one on the Kennedy is in the picture; it was the last one, and the one I remember best. It was taken down about ten years ago.

Chicago is known for, among other things, its artwork. Back when I was a kid, Picasso donated a sculpture which sits in Daley Plaza, in front of the County Building and across the street from City Hall. After years of trying to figure out what the hell it is, it's now just "the Picasso". In 2005, when the White Sox won the World Series (something that team from the north side hasn't done since 1908 and won't do this year HAHAHAHAHAHA!) they added the Sox hat. The Daleys, by the way, lived about three blocks from US Cellular Field and are White Sox fans.

This is a Fender 351 guitar pick in confetti colors. I bought some of these a few years ago and, at the rate I play guitar, will last me the rest of my life.

Some of you remember a couple of years ago that a character of mine, Mary Cecelia O'Brian, took over my journal for a week. She's a petite, busty, green-eyed redhead who carries a gun. When I saw this picture, I knew just who it was. When she occasionally makes an appearance here on LJ, this is the icon I use.

This is Milton Friedman. His book, Capitalism and Freedom, is perhaps the most influential books I've read. It was the first book that helped me recognize that government is the last resort to solve the nation's ills and the primary reason that there's so much ill to solve. I use this icon when I lecture on economics.

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