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Just a bunch of random stuff:

  • Colorado swept the D-Backs and are the NL Champions.  I'm happy about it because (a) the fans in Phoenix didn't seem all that enthused about their team being in it and (b) the World Series games will be on at a decent hour.
  • While I'm talking baseball, Cleveland is ahead in the ALCS 2-1 over Boston.  Go Tribe!
  • My regular shows on CBS last night were pre-empted by the 1-4 Falcons, who are now the 1-5 Falcons.  The game was on ESPN, so I don't understand why they were also showing it.  Someone at CBS46 has a serious case of rectal-cranial inversion.
  • I finally got tired of wrestling with the oversized cuff on my BP monitor, so I bought one of those fingertip monitors, and now I'm wondering why I didn't buy one in the first place.  This is simple to use, and reasonably accurate.  Duh.
  • I'm teaching myself the Korn shell on both Mac OS X and Linux.  It doesn't come preinstalled on Linux so I had to find it and install it.  Whoever designed the installation process must have been high.  Then, on the other hand, he works for AT&T, so I'm not surprised.
  • I got this letter from ING Direct telling me that my NetBank money market account is now there.  Mary and I have some money that we want to put in a money market account, and it looks like they have a good rate (as good as any others), and since the FDIC has made it clear that I have to do something to prove that I know the money has been moved (as if getting a letter from the FDIC isn't enough, but then, this IS the government we're talking about), I figure put it there.  Well, I wanted to wire transfer the money from my brokerage account, so I called them to get their ABA number, only to be told I can't do that.  In fact, the way they made it sound was that the only way they could accept deposits was by attaching my bank account to theirs, and I can't move funds from my brokerage account.  They also treated me as though I've never banked online before (uh, my account is at NETBANK?  Which doesn't have an office except online?), so I'm now thinking maybe I should close my account there and put the money somewhere else.  I'm a little slow on the uptake sometimes, but I don't deserve that from someone half my age.
  • Anyone heard from itzwicks lately?
  • I've been using the Rich Text format to come up with these entries.  It definitely makes simpler; I don't have to type <>'s all the time.
  • I'm getting a little disenchanted with my job lately.  I feel like they're giving me the crap no one else wants to do, and leaving me to fend for myself.  Of course, just saying that makes me realize that at least they're out of my face.  So I'm learning to live with it.
That's all for now.
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