John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

Lazy afternoon

I brought my laptop down to the living room to do some writing while Mary was watching a "Janek" movie on TV, and so far I haven't done any writing of consequence. Instead, I watched the Janek movie, and the Ironsides movie that followed it, and am now watching one called Return to the Streets of San Francisco. So much for getting any writing done.

I did see something that bothered me at the tail end of an old episode of NYPD Blue. In it, a guy is allegedly playing the bagpipes in a cemetery. This, of course, gets my interest, because I played the bagpipes for a few years (had to give them up; I couldn't keep up with the drinking). David Caruso comes up and interrupts him, and the two of them are standing there talking...and the bag is still inflated, and it stays inflated the whole time they're talking. Then, when the guy starts playing again, they swing the camera around him, and you can see that his drone pipes are corked! Drove me nuts!

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