John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

This reminds me of this picture, somehow:

I think my version of the picture is a little better, because Toby has that look of disapproval...

My cats have been going a little crazy lately. (I know, "how can you tell?") Since I got home from the hospital, we've been keeping the door to the basement closed, because we have a chair elevator (which I no longer use and would like to sell back to the company and put up handrails instead), and the little furry ones like to bite through the exposed wires, blah blah blah. Now, any time either of us go near that door, a crowd gathers, hoping to run down there, like it's the Mystic Basement of Exotic Delight or something. For that matter, there are three or four cats waiting outside my office door every morning, all waiting as though it's a The Who concert and it's all open seating. Toby has been going from closed door to closed door, whining and trying to pull it open and driving us all crazy.

Life with cats is never boring.
Tags: cats, humor

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