John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

So, a follow-up to this post, where everyone was getting mad at me for not getting some data loaded because they had conveniently neglected to give me appropriate f*cking instructions: It now turns out that it was the wrong f*cking data.

Also, I now learn that the other job that I took over from the same guy who dumped the previous mess in my lap and split has never actually gotten another job, which everyone wants to finish by tomorrow, to work.

Before February 18, when I had my stroke, things like this used to bother me, and I'd let it get to me and I'd get headaches and my blood pressure would skyrocket and I'd have another Red Bull and get back to work on the problem. I'm finally learning that, if I'm not the person who f*cked up in the first place, it's not my problem, and if they want me to fix it, they're going to have to either get me the help I need or stand back and let me figure out what the last guy f*cked up.

I'm also learning that things like this are funnier than hell and I'm enjoying a good laugh about them. On my old job, that was deemed to be a cavalier attitude. I now realize that it's a matter of survival. I also realized that I should have left that place the minute I was told that I have a cavalier attitude. Which leads me to this, which latt made for me around the time I left my old job:

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