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Mary and I celebrated Thanksgiving by not having a turkey, as we usually don't. (It tends to get stinky before we can eat enough of it to make it worth our while.) Instead, we had roast eye of round, baked potatoes, green bean casserole and pumpkin pie. So, we did some traditional stuff. Good news: I put the dinner together and got it going. I've learned to adapt to having one usable hand a little too well, which makes me wonder if I'm delaying the recovery of my right hand.

My left knee is killing me. Not to stand, sit or lie down, but trying to stand from a sitting position. I think the pain is where the quadricep attaches to the knee, and it hurts like a real mo-fo. I have to move a lot more than I have been. It's a real vicious circle: It hurts to move it, so I don't, which makes it hurt more.

I have today off. I have no idea what to do. Mary's not in a mood to do anything except stay in and read, because it's cold (OK, relatively speaking). Of course, she's almost out of reading material, and we're almost out of coffee, so we might end up hitting a bookstore or two and then going for coffee. We do that a lot.

I've been playing the music from my collection in random order, hoping to hear all of it at least once. I've finally learned how to exclude things like comedy and subliminal recordings when I shuffle tunes in iTunes, so I'm just getting the musical selections. I have to admit, there are a lot of tunes that I don't think I've ever listened to; I downloaded them from or BitTorrent, and never got around to listening to them. So, as I'm going along, I find myself saying, "ooh, that's nice; wonder what it is?" It's weird.

Anyway, I think I'll see if I can find some hand exercises to try and get my right hand back. Enough is enough.
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