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I haven't posted anything apart from the funny stuff and memes lately, so I figure I should.

First of all, it's Gaudete Sunday, or Third Sunday of Advent (well, it's tomorrow, but we went to Mass this evening). This is the anniversary of the day I met anderyn and neanderthalus in real life. I had known Twila from the Ghostletters mailing list (which is, sadly, dying a slow and painful death), and got a chance to know her and Bruce, Rhiannon (who also has a LJ, but whose name escapes me), and their friend Ken the Marine, who I also knew through GL and who bears a striking resemblance to my brother Kip.

I had been having nothing but trouble with my printer, which was one of these all-in-one things that did printing, faxing (of course, I had no phone line), copying and scanning. Turns out, the reason it wasn't working was that I was out of ink. At least, that's what it told me. I replaced the ink cartridges and it worked, sort of. It was printing a lot of illegible crud. So, I ran a self diagnostic, and it turns out that all of the print heads (C, M, Y and K) needed replacing. Doing so would cost more than a new printer, so I ordered a new printer from that costs about 1/3 of what new print heads would have cost. It doesn't fax or make copies or scan, but I don't need that. The only one who will be unhappy is Lucy, who rather likes sleeping on the old one. It should get here after Christmas, which is fine by me.

Like I mentioned, we went to Mass this afternoon (going Saturday evening for Sunday is one of the reasons it's great to be Catholic). I find that I get a lot more out of it since nearly buying the farm last February. Faith didn't mean as much to me before the stroke, but it really got me through the hard times, and I found myself clinging to it more through my recovery.

I've been reading Turning Points In Television by Larry Brody. I took a couple of television writing classes from Brody a couple of years ago, and got a lot out of them. He writes this book from the perspective of a TV writer and show runner (which he was) and also from the perspective of a kid growing up in Chicago who watched a lot of TV in its early days. I am really enjoying it, because I relate so much to it and because I know Brody, at least from having taken classes from him. It's a good book, and his Television Writing from the Inside Out: Your Channel to Success is a great book if you're interested at all in TV writing.

What else...I'm still typing with one hand, but it doesn't bother me as much. I only use a cane when I go out, more for security than anything. The hand is improving, too. They told me that it would be a good 12-18 months, and it's only been ten so far, so I'm being patient, which is hard. One thing I've tried not to do is dwell on the fact that I've had a stroke. I don't see myself as a victim or a survivor; I see myself as a person who is getting over a stroke. I find that it helps me to think that way. I think it would be a far more depressing experience otherwise.

I thought I had more, but I guess that's about it. Talk to you later.
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