John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

Thought for a Sunday night

My English teacher in my junior year of high school told me that she believed that I was creative and had a good sense of humor, and that I should develop those aspects of my life. I've never forgotten that; it was perhaps the nicest thing that anyone ever said to me. I was raised to believe that there were only a few creative people in this world, that I wasn't one of them, and what I considered a "good sense of humor" was actually obnoxious and should be suppressed as much as possible.

Last night, I decided to Google Mrs. B. and was surprised to find that, although she was no longer at my old high school (it's more or less closed now), she was still teaching English. There was an email address for her, so I dropped her a note to let her know that I hadn't forgotten her, and that I really appreciated what she had said so many years before. I may not hear from her, but I felt that I should do that, because it did mean a lot to me.

Anyone else ever do that?

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