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Mary and I went for coffee yesterday, and I think they gave me one, perhaps two, cups of regular coffee by mistake. As a result, I was in bed, awake and having to go to the bathroom every half hour, until 4 AM. I should have suspected something when I felt like I was going cross-eyed all evening yesterday. I'll live, though my diastolic BP is a little high (I have a feeling it's because I just ate). I just have a nasty lack-of-sleep headache.

2008 is getting off to a roaring start.

Which reminds me, I should take the 2007 calendar off the wall and replace it with the 2008 calendar, which is a freebie from church and tells me that today is the joint feast of St. Basil the Great and St. Gregory Nazianzen, bishops and doctors of the church. So, happy feast day to everyone, and hope your day is a good one.
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