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Cold this morning...

Temp was 15F when I got up. It's now 21F, going up to 40. It'll be near 60 on Saturday. You wondered why I moved south?

Had some hair taken off yesterday. It's still long, but not as unruly. I think she managed to cut most of the remaining dark hair, but left the gray and white ones. She also did my eyebrows and ears, which was a TV first. That was disconcerting, lemme tell ya.

In TV news, it appears that The New Adventures of Old Elaine Christine, with Julia Louis-Dreyfus reprising her Seinfeld role in yet another attempt to keep that show in our minds, refuses to die, though my prediction from a while back that it'll replace The Big Bang Theory seems to have been off (it's replacing Rules of Engagement, another show I like). I'll hold off judgment on Big Bang's replacement, Welcome the the Captain, until I see the first show, but I'm not prepared to like it. It looks like a knockoff of Arrested Development, complete with Jeffrey Tambor, though Raquel Welch is in it, which could be interesting.

Anyway, better get back to work.
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