John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

Thursday afternoon

I'm beat. I've just had a lot of busy work to do today, both for work and around the house. I woke up tired, and just got more tired through the day. But, I got a couple of nagging things done today, so I feel better.

The office looks like a tornado hit it, and I don't feel up to cleaning it. Since I'll spend most of tomorrow morning listening to a company meeting, I'll do it then.

Remember yesterday I was talking about the horrible uniforms Bill Veeck dressed the White Sox in during the late 1970's? Here's a picture. They also--no kidding--wore shorts in one game.

Why am I writing about baseball? Because I feel like I need to do something to break this rut.

I think I'll turn this damn thing off and go live life for a change.
Tags: baseball, update, work

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