John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

This was kind of funny

summerlady posted this little game in her journal, so I decided to give it a try. The idea is to go to Merriam-Webster's website and enter your user name, and see what they suggest as possible alternative spellings.

Here were mine:

  1. jolt. This was pretty obvious.
  2. Jehol. This is the alternative name for the city of Chengde in China.
  3. Johor. This is a state in Malaysia. Its capital is Johor Baharu.
  4. joist.
  5. jots.
  6. Jhelum. A river in northwest India, also known as Hydaspes.
  7. Jutes. If I remember correctly, these were early settlers of England along with the Angles. Jute is also a fiber.
  8. jutties. Both a noun and a verb. A jutty is a projecting part of a building, or an alternative way of saying "jetty". To jutty is to project beyond. It's a transitive verb, so it takes an object.
  9. jutes. As above.
  10. jotted.
  11. juts.

One day, just for fun, I Googled "johlt" and noticed that a lot of German-language pages were coming up. Apparently, it's the word for "he hoots". I like that!

(Just so everyone knows, "johlt" is the user ID that I was assigned many years ago by my company so that I could access the mainframe. It's the first two letters of my first name, and the first three consonants of my last. It's become my identity in many more ways than that, though...)

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