John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

Thursday afternoon

Another frustrating day. I had another request to do a data load (you know, one of those that only the Indians know how to do) and this one is done differently than the other one, so I have to get some more understandable instructions. That in addition to all the other things that I've been trying to do, none of which has gone particularly well. And, my head's been hurting thanks to the rain and humidity, and I'm cranky, and Mary's taken over part of my office so she can read e-books, meaning I can't listen to music. The cats, knowing that Mary's in here, now want to be in here with them, so they're scratching the door and howling, none of which is doing my temper any good.

So, I think I'll let her read to her heart's contentment, get out of here and start again tomorrow.
Tags: bitch, update, work

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