John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

I feel better when I see reports like this...

From Roger Simon, reporting for Pajamas Media:

Just got to the PJM office in El Segundo having voted early at my polling place in the Hollywood Hills. This polling place is in a public school called Valley View, the kind of mediocre institution to which the many rich liberals in the neighborhood wouldn’t dream of sending their children. They will vote for Obama to assuage their guilt while continuing to shell out the big bucks for the tony elite private schools where the kids tell their classmates mom and dad are voting for Barack to their teachers subtle (or not so subtle) approval. Obama fever is everywhere in this neck of the woods and if Hillary prevails in CA, it will be something of an upset. But then, everyone had the same feeling on the eve of the New Hampshire primary.

Not afraid to tell us what he really thinks.
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