John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

Another post from the BlackBerry

Mary's upstairs on the computer, and I'm downstairs trying to find something on TV. I've landed on Food Network, which is, at the moment, showing Bobby Flay. It beats anything else on, which should tell you something.

I got a Valentine card from my godmother, including a picture from the very first "Santa Claus" party, which would have been 1965. That would have made me 9 going on 10. Unfortunately, I no longer have a scanner, so I can't share it with everyone, but trust me: I was a cute little bastard. In fact, my ten cousins, who are in the picture with me, are also cute little bastards. It's hard to imagine we were ever that small.

This is hard work. I'll talk more tomorrow.

LATER EDIT: Sorry...eight cousins and two brothers. We're still cute little bastards.
Tags: blackberry, update

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