John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

No, I didn't have another stroke...

It is funny, though: the first thing I thought of yesterday when I woke up was, "here's something I didn't do a year ago."

I've been busier than a one-legged man in a ass-kicking contest. That's why I haven't posted. I was so tired yesterday by the end of the day that I left my home office, went downstairs, sat down and fell asleep. Three aspirin at 6:30 and another three at 10:30 (I used to take two Ascriptin, but I can't find them, plus regular aspirin's cheaper, even when you take three at a time), a good night's sleep, and I'm back to normal. Whatever that is.

Mary and I went and got some blood drawn this morning so the doctor can check various levels. It used to bother me to have my blood drawn; then I went to the hospital, and got real good at it. (I remember there was one tech who would stomp in at 2:30 AM, throw on all the lights in my room, and carry on a loud and rather animated discussion while he was taking my blood. If I could have gotten out of bed and kicked his ass, I would have.) Then we went out to breakfast at the Marietta Diner. While we were eating, Don McLean's "American Pie" came on, and we wondered whatever became of him. Evidently, he's doing fine. Doesn't make the song any better...

Right now, I'm reloading my iPod while a compress job is running on the work computer. I had to let it fully decharge last night because it locked up on me. This morning, it's fine. I got it into my tiny little mind to load all of the album artwork, which I gathered yesterday while I sat on the phone for four hours, listening to dead air while a client ran a system test.

They start playing Spring Training games next week. Yay!
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