John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

Monday update

Went to the dentist today and had my teeth cleaned. She tried to be gentle, but they are still quite sore. Seems that my gums went to hell in a handbasket since I'm brushing left handed an I'm still uncoordinated at it. The dentist suggested an electric toothbrush or a Water Pik, so we're going to try both. We had nice Sonicare toothbrushes which, for some reason, we got rid of because they didn't deliver the hoped-for results. Go figure. I go back in a month. Hopefully they'll stop hurting by then.

The Braves play the Dodgers in Vero Beach on Thursday. The White Sox play Colorado on Wednesday in Tucson. Baseball season is upon us...
Tags: baseball, update

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