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Rainy Tuesday update

It's raining quite heavily here, and it's supposed to get chilly tomorrow. We need the rain.

We went to the accountant today, and saw the damage the idiotic tax laws did to us. We get money back from both the federal and state returns, a TV first. Of course, that's what happens when you have a stroke and lots of doctor bills, offset by what the government claims are capital gains. I'll probably get slugged next year, especially if either of the you-know-whos manages to steal enough votes to win. (I realized yesterday that the best reason for me to vote is to try and offset the votes the Chicago Democrat precinct captains will cast on my behalf and on the behalf of all of my deceased and relocated relatives. Not that it's going to do much good.)

We went to lunch after that, with a stop at a yarn shop for Mary. Said yarn shop has enough parking for about seven cars, and all of the spots were full, but Mary found a place to park for the brief time she would be in the shop. She managed to back into a pole on the way out, as someone was barreling in, talking on the phone and in a big ass hurry to get the spot we had just vacated. (This yarn shop used to be a house on a main drag, with a downward-sloping driveway.) We now have a minor dent in our 16-year-old car. I've gotten rental cars with worse damage. But it's the principle.

Lunch was good, and we got home without incident. So, it was actually not a bad day.
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