John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton


I've spent the better part of the day installing updates to the laptop my company gave me for work. The exact directions were to (a) download and install a (129MB) file, (b) do the Windows Update thing until I had installed all of the critical updates (there were 14 of them, most of which had to be installed one at a time, and (c) make damn sure it was done by 5 PM today. It is now 4:50 PM, and, miraculous to say, I've just completed the installation, despite the fact that most of the downloading was done over a phone line. (I figured out how to download the huge file using the DSL, but I can't hook the laptop into the DSL any more, and I don't want to spend the day screwing around with the USB wi-fi adapter for something of this magnitude. Transferring 14 MB of data through a phone line is like trying to push a weather balloon through a garden hose.)

I spent an hour or so this morning watching a repairman attempt to fix the dryer. Well, more like making sure the cats weren't getting in his way so that he could do his job. Turns out we need a part that no one has currently, and it has to be ordered, so we get to repeat the whole thing at the end of the week when the part becomes available. Meanwhile, we have no dryer. Off to the laundromat, I guess.

And, there's my writers' group this evening. Last meeting, there were only two of us. The meeting before then, there were only three of us. I'm dreading the prospect of showing up and having no one else there. Of course, if there's no one there by 7:30, I can drive home and watch NCIS real time, rather than on tape. Of course, since there's nothing else to watch on a Tuesday night, watching the tape doesn't bother me. Driving all the way to the Kennesaw library in the tail end of Atlanta rush hour traffic for no good reason does bother me, though. The phone rang a while ago and Mary thought it was the head of the group; it turned out to be someone conducting a satisfaction survey for the bank. I almost wish she'd call it off. I feel honor-bound to be there if she doesn't.

Oh well...there's turkey breast cooking in the Crock Pot that should just about be done. Yummy!

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