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Sunday stuff

Yes, we needed the rain. No, we didn't need the tornadoes with it. We were fortunate that the twisters went north or south of us. We were going to leave for Mass yesterday afternoon, and we had a cloudburst so bad that I told Mary not to bother. It rained really heavily for about 25 minutes, then it got sunny, clear and a little breezy--beautiful weather, really--so we went off to church. We had been in the house all day, which we don't usually do, at least not no Saturdays. Today, we're off to see "The Bank Job", which looks reasonably entertaining.

I talked to new daddy Pat Friday night. He said that Annette had gone in for a routine last-quarter checkup, and her blood pressure was the same that mine was the night I had my stroke, so they decided to do a caesarian right then. They were prepared for a girl, so they hadn't picked a name for a boy. Pat said that he wanted to pick a name from his father's family, but his research turned up Walter, Romain, Rupert, Theodore and a few others that they didn't want to saddle the kid with. And, while Pat's dad was John, he felt that there were a lot of Johns in the family, including yours truly, and didn't want to add another. Still, they decided on John, thus sentencing them to a period of time where they have to think a moment to distinguish the baby from me. I have to say that I'm pleased, not because they're calling him John, but that they at least chose an old-fashioned name, for lack of a better way to put it. Not that there's anything wrong with any name, I just like names that sound like they were taken from a 1960's Catholic school class.

Talk at you later.
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