John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

So, what was I doing up and at the computer at 2 AM?

I was feeling tired at 10 last night, so I decided to go to bed. Which I did. And could not fall asleep. I was just about to fall asleep at a little after 1 AM, when my cellphone rang. I figured it was a crank, or wrong number, or that one of my brothers hit the speed dial while he was fumbling for his phone to see what time it was (hey, I use my phone to get the time at night). It stopped ringing, finally, so I went to the bathroom and was ready to get back into bed, and the "you have a message" beep went off. I called voice mail, half expecting to hear some stoner say, "whoa, sorry Dude!"

Turns out it was legitimate. It was a guy from a third-party database firm that we've hired, saying that my name was the next on the list of people to call when problems with a server arose. This, of course, came as a big shock to my Typical White Person ass: I didn't know that there was such a list, let alone that I was the second person on it, and that I would be called in the event that there was a major problem. (Clearly, they didn't tell this person that I'm now convinced that I'm probably the worst person to contact in such an emergency.) Anyway, he needs someone to restart this server which is starting to give him trouble. I figure, OK, I can't screw this up too badly.

So, I drag my Typical White Person ass out of bed at 1:30, go into my office, turn on my computer, and while I'm waiting the required ten or so minutes for Windows to do whatever the hell it is that Windows does before you can actually use it, I call this guy back and tell him that I'm looking at it and will restart the server and let him know when it's all done. By now, Windows is all done making me wait, and I sign on, remote into the machine in question, and restart it. And a few minutes later, I try to sign back onto the machine, and I can't. Then, it tries to connect me, and times out. This goes on for an hour. He calls me, wondering what's happening, and I tell him the machine didn't come up. He says, well, then, let's wait until morning.

I shut things down and go back to bed. Now I'm all keyed up and can't sleep, and Jasmine, dear kitty, decides that this is a good time to run around the bed and stick her backside in my face. I figure I dropped off to sleep at around 4, only to be awakened at 6:30 by Mary, who's throwing on lights and slamming the bathroom door, because she has to get ready for an appointment at 8.

All told, I got about two hours of sleep, and I have teleconferences and work to do, so I can't take time to take a nap.

I'm not in a real good mood right now. Does this come as a shock?
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