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Mary and I went to the doctor today. Good news is I haven't gained any weight. Bad news is I haven't lost any. I'm leaning toward NutriSystem, which she says is pretty good. It blows, but I'm 312 lbs (70 lbs lighter than I was when I started going to her, but still waaaaay too heavy) and I learned the ill effects of not being able to get health insurance, which I'm about 100 lbs away from getting (it's moot since my doctor doesn't take health insurance anyway, but I need it for the odd occasion that a blood vessel erupts in my brain and I have to go to the hospital).

We discussed the fact that on the half dozen or so times each night I wake up with an urgent need to have a whiz, I find myself regretting the way my life has gone (not Mary, of course) and having a hard time getting back to sleep because I'm thinking about what life would have been like had I dropped out of high school after my sophomore year, like I considered doing. Or if I had stood up to the immutable forces that were telling me (a) that I was going to college and (b) where I was going to college, and gotten a job, or joined the Navy, or done something that I wanted to do. Or if I had done like I was tempted and written my essay for my college on why I shouldn't be considered for admission. Etc. etc. I figured that I was just being a 52 year old man who has had one brush with death.

Her response was to change the time that I take my HCTZ (thinking that it might not kick in until bedtime, even though I take it in the morning), give me a B12 shot, prescribe St. John's Wort to go with the Welbutrin, and tell me that the sooner I can get out of this prison that is my recovering body, the better off I'll be, and that I should forget about what was and concentrate on what is rather than what was or what could have been.

I left her office feeling 1000% better. Did I happen to mention that I love my doctor?

The last few days, I've been listening to Radio Swiss Jazz, which plays a great selection of jazz from a lot of different eras (Swing, Bop, Cool, traditional, etc.). It's wonderful. Only problem is, the announcements are in either German or Italian.......
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