John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

End of the work day...

...well, for me, anyway. My work laptop is so overloaded with garbage that I had to stop, delete some crap and try to defrag the hard drive. It didn't do much: there are still fragmented files all over the hard drive. I really hate Windows. I can hardly wait until they tell me to bring in my laptop so that they can install Vista. That should bring it to its knees. Of course, I'm starting to wonder just what they're doing when I connect remotely. Evidently they have a remote backup that starts running when I connect via VPN and pretty much keeps running until it's finished and doesn't allow me to disconnect. For some reason, they're getting real paranoid about security as well; they have new rules for passwords and everything. Mine are real simple, but they're hard to figure out because they're random Chicago intersections, and I change some of the letters to numbers or symbols (@ for A, 3 for E, etc.)...

Since my stroke, I've had the hardest time writing. Not only is it physically challenging because my right hand is still crippled (though getting better), I just plain old have no ideas whatsoever. It's very frustrating.
Tags: frustration, update, work, writing

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