John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

The best part of the day...

is knowing that tomorrow's Friday.

Yeah, it's been that bad, starting last night with an email that said that they were once again having problems with the same thing they were having trouble with last week, which I decided to put in their hands. Nice to know that they FUBARed it worse than I ever could. We've come to the conclusion that there really ain't a whole lot more we can do about it, apart from reconfiguring the server as a 64-bit machine, adding more memory and reinstalling everything. See, we can't just add more memory, because the 32-bit operating system can't handle more than 4 gig.

I got precious little done today, apart from fixing a production problem and debating the relative merits of going 64 bit versus going to Unix, which I'd prefer but "they don't support" because they're a bunch of Windows bigots.

And I don't care. Just found out that everything looks good on something else. That feels good.
Tags: work

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