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Just catching you up

Except for the bad pun, I haven't posted in a couple of days.

In a word: Weekend - quiet; weather - beautiful.

I had to cancel one of my credit cards last week because someone in Estonia somehow got the number and used it to buy lumber. It's the card that I use to autopay the cable (which is also the phone and Internet), and I saw that the cable company tried to post a payment and couldn't. Anyway, I got the new number and called them to see if they would rebill it to the new card automatically, and they said, it doesn't work that way, that it might take up to 40 days for the new credit card to make it into their system. Which I find highly odd, because I got the new credit card via UPS in five days, but anyway. As I'm prepared to get off the phone, the young lady asks me if I would like to bundle my services. And I tell her that they were bundled, and she said, no they aren't. So she bundled them and I get a bazillion new channels (that probably will be showing crap, anyway) and pay less. (The explanation I got was that they were bundled under a promotional rate, and came unbundled when the promotion was over, which came as a surprise to me, but I guess that's why they say to read the contract before agreeing to it.)

I'm listening to Radioio 70's Rock on iTunes, and it's pretty good. Right now they're playing a goodie from Boz Scaggs with Duane Allman on guitar, which I remember because it was on one of Allman's posthumous anthologies, not because any radio station in Chicago played it during the '70's....
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