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This must be a week for computer problems. This one was self-inflicted, I'm afraid.

For the last couple of weeks, I've found it nearly impossible to work in my office, which has turned into a sort of junk room, copier room, and bone of contention when I spend too much time in here. So, what I've been doing is working on my laptop (this would be the laptop that Mary bought me for Christmas a few years ago) in the living room, now that I have a wireless router installed in the house. The problem is, we have very few places to put a laptop, so I've been using these little tables (maybe a little smaller than a TV table) to work from, because they put the machine more or less at eye level. Well, of course, Mary has been warning me about leaving it on one of these tables, and leaving it out in general (concerned that the cats are going to knock it over or whiz on it or something), all of which are legitimate concerns, so I've been extra careful.

Until tonight, that is, when I managed to knock the table over with the computer on it.

The computer is working fine, but unfortunately, I appear to have done damage to the place where the AC adapter plugs in, and now I can't run off of house current. (I may have also damaged the AC adapter, but I have a spare and I believe that I can order a replacement from HP.) So, baby's going to the hospital tomorrow. Fortunately, I do have the desktop to work with in my office.

Maybe I should clean this place out. Won't be next week, because I get to sit in class all week.

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