John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

Things to be happy for...

1. Our senior cat, Pepper, who's had some hyperthyroidism and lately had what--thank heaven--turned out to be a cold. I thought she was gravely ill, but right now she's running around, begging for food and eating the cat food. In short, she's fine. We estimate that she's 12, so there's a lot of living and loving left.

2. We got a steam cleaner, and Mary was steaming the counters yesterday. Suddenly, the power stopped on that circuit. It didn't trip the breaker, but it did trip the surge protector on the other outlet and we couldn't reset it. So, we call the electrician. Turns out Mary had gotten steam in the outlet, and all we had to do was wait for it to dry. It's fine, and the guy didn't charge us.

3. Lovey, Tuffy, Cashie, Li'l Linda and Jackie, Judi's five kittens who were born here, are 11 today!!
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