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Arrrgh, part 2

I have now also disabled anonymous posting, thanks to some needledick Jesus Freak named Kyle who decided that he could use my last entry as a place to dump an ad for Mel Gibson's movie.

Anyway, I took the laptop over to Micro Center to be fixed. Evidently, if they can't solder the piece back on, they'll have to replace the motherboard, which will probably end up costing more than I could buy a new one for. So, Mary quite graciously has told me that, if that happens, I can have hers, since she hasn't had it out of the case since we bought it. So, that's good news. Still, I hope they can fix the other one without having to replace anything major. The guy told me that this is something that happens all the time, so of course, my question is, why don't they make the laptops differently so that something like this doesn't turn into a disaster that requires replacement of a major piece of hardware. Ya know what I mean?

Toby is, of course, trying to tear the door to my office down right now. I'm going to let him yank to his heart's content.

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