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Midweek blather

We've had great weather the last few days. A little rainy and overcast, but really warm. Spring has sprung, I think, at least here in the South. Of course, there was that mid-March snowstorm we had a few years ago...

I've been busy doing crap for work. Nothing major, just a little of this, a little of that. I get to spend the day in the office tomorrow, helping the demo folks install some software and participating in a teleconference. Sometime during the day, I'll need to deal with half a dozen requests for proposal type information. You know, I remember the days when we had a whole bunch of people who helped write the proposals. Now, it's me. I guess I shouldn't complain. At least my boss has been off of my ass.

I'm back on the road this month: a week in Seattle, a week in Cleveland, a week (my birthday week) in Southern California. Two of those three weeks are teaching weeks.

I finally got all of the paperwork to the accountant to do my damn taxes. Any candidate that promises to eliminate income taxes entirely will get my vote. That leaves out Bush and Kerry.

Oh, well, it's bedtime. Good night.

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