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Saturday evening update

My flight got in at 5:30 Atlanta time. I didn't manage to get any sleep at all. Came home and slept until noon, Mary and I went to Chili's for a late lunch/early dinner, and we're just hanging out here. The cats are happy that I'm home. Mary says that they sit around like a bunch of lumps when I'm not home. It makes me feel happy to see them running around like a bunch of goofs.

I was surprised that the flight was totally full. I guess a lot of people were making connections through Atlanta from Seattle.

My favorite line of the evening was the pilot saying, "We know it's late at night, so we're going to keep quiet and let you sleep and wake you up just before we land." Whereupon the flight attendants were up and down the aisle all night, trying to sell headsets, food, etc. And, sure, they cut the lights on the plane, but the video entertainment had things all lit up for most of the flight. Gee, Delta, thanks for letting me sleep.

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