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Checking in...

I made it to Irvine with little or no drama. The ride in the center seat from Atlanta to Phoenix wasn't as uncomfortable as I thought it would be, and the petite young woman who had the aisle seat on the trip from Phoenix to Santa Ana graciously offered to let me have the aisle (I think she had struck up a friendship with the kid in the window seat). Bless her, whatever the reason.

The new headphones worked wonders at blotting out the noise of the engines, giving me a chance to listen to my jazz guitar music (a composite disc with Barney Kessel, Jim Hall, Kenny Burrell, Grant Green, Tal Farlow and Wes Montgomery) the whole trip.

So, I'm here, I've had dinner (ribs at Chili's) and I'm back in the room for the night.

I took a drive around here to survey the lay of the land. Irvine reminds me a lot of cities like Wichita, KS and Dallas, TX, with the main exception being that there's less around. Still, it is interesting from the perspective that it appears to have been laid out by people who were into non-Euclidian geometry. Streets that one believes run parallel to one another intersect at right angles if you go far enough.

Anyway, I wonder how long I'm going to go before I crash this evening. I want to be sure to get enough sleep tonight. I don't want to be falling asleep on the customer tomorrow...

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