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Tuesday evening

This morning, I thought my laptop had gone crazy. All of a sudden, I was typing letters and getting numbers. Turns out I had the Num Lock key on. Here, I thought I was going to be without a computer for the rest of the week.

Went out yesterday after work and wandered around the Irvine Spectrum, a big open-air shopping center. (It is the Spectrum, right? I'm starting to doubt myself lately.) Bought some new music: a couple of disks by Antonio Carlos Jobim, and "Let It Be...Naked" by the Beatles. It's essentially the "Let It Be" album, minus "Maggie May", "Dig It" and Phil Spector's Wall Of Sound, and with "Don't Let Me Down" in place of the two songs. There's also a 21-minute "fly on the wall" disk that records some of the conversation that went on during the recording of the album, which I haven't listened to yet. It's really interesting to listen to this version of an album that I was so intimately familiar with. You can really hear the pick on the acoustic guitar on "For You Blue" that sort of fell into the muddle on the old album, "Let It Be" features a different guitar solo, and the whole thing sounds much more alive. Easily, the song that benefitted the most from the de-Spectorization (exSpectoration?) was "The Long and Winding Road", played this time solely by Paul, John, George, Ringo and Billy Preston. It's very moving in its more sparse form. I highly recommend it if you're a Beatles fan, or even if you're not.

The job is, again, driving me nuts. I made travel arrangements (including non-refundable flight arrangements) to fly to Cleveland this Sunday, only to find out that the boss was trying to arrange for me to go on Monday, and now that the customer is saying that maybe I don't need to be there at all. Now I'm stuck with a nonrefundable ticket for more that $600, and I'm not sure whether or not I'm going to be reimbursed. Plus, the development folks who made my life so pleasant (?!) last week are now giving me the third degree, no doubt playing CYA. On the bright side, the people here are really a joy to work with. Maybe I should come back here next week...nah... Personally, I'd just as soon stay home next week, if I won't be off to the Northern Shore of the United States. I've been on the road far too much, and it looks like I'm going to be on the road a few more weeks before all of this is over.

Off to put the "Fly on the wall" disk in the CD player in the room. I'm in one of those extended stay hotels, which basically means that I make my own bed and clean my own kitchen. They say that it's because they don't want to bother me. Ain't that so damn considerate?

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