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Another year, another birthday

I wonder why it is that I always manage to wake up at 5:16 AM Central Time, the time of my birth, on my birthday? The last few years, that's the way it's been. Of course, since I'm on the west coast, that means that I woke up at 3:16 this morning, and, well, wasn't very able to get back to sleep. I hate when that happens.

This is my last night in this hotel, and personally, I'm glad to be getting out of here. It's an extended stay hotel, as I explained the other day, meaning that they don't clean the room every day. The place is, needless to say, a bit of a disaster area. They might need a hazmat crew to clean up in here. OK, I'm not that bad, but still....I've found that the recliner next to the bed is a more comfortable place to sleep than the bed itself. That should tell you what the place is like. Oh, well, it's a bed, a shower, a TV and a toilet, and they all work.

I have a four hour layover in Las Vegas tomorrow. Normally, I'd be like "yuk", but hey, it's Vegas, even if it is the airport. Maybe I'll hit on the quarter slots in the airport. OK, maybe not. I take the redeye home from there, arriving at 7 AM on Saturday. Mary's expecting me with Egg McMuffins for breakfast.

I'd better rebook my travel arrangements for next week. I guess I'm going on Monday rather than Sunday, and late in the day at that. I'm going to go Batman on the boss if it changes again.

Went out to dinner to the Cheesecake Factory in Irvine with my host at the customer. Not my favorite place, but I had a nice pork tenderloin and a piece of carrot cake. I didn't let on that it was my birthday, so they didn't get the waitstaff together to sing one of those embarrassing songs. You know what I mean...

Happy happy birthday,
We hope nothing falls off!
We hope you don't get cancer
Or fall into a trough!

We're glad that it's your birthday,
We really think it's swell,
We hope you go to heaven
And your enemies go to hell!


You see what goes through my head when I can't sleep?

Today I made the comment in class that I remember so much about the application that I'm teaching that I must be forgetting a whole bunch of more interesting things to remember them. I need some time off to concentrate on those forgotten things.

And another thing (it's my birthday, damn it, I can ramble on if I want to): What happens to discarded knowledge? You know, all the crap you learned to get out of school that you have no recollection of whatsoever now. I'm missing at least two years' worth of high school English classes, everything I learned in abstract algebra and real analysis, differential equations is fading slowly from my memory, Latin's gone, about all of the Greek that I remember is the alphabet, and...well, I've forgotten the rest of what I've forgotten. Anyone have any ideas?

Oh, well. Closing in on bedtime for me. Or chair time, depending on what I decide later.

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