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My Saturday evening post

A couple of weeks ago, I posted this entry in which I was complaining that nearly every airport that I've been in has CNN Airport News blasting away all the time. Yesterday, however, I was in two airports that didn't have it at all, at least not that I could see: John Wayne/Orange County/Santa Ana Airport (SNA) and McCarron/Las Vegas (LAS). Of course, the latter has slot machines, but that's beside the point.

I did a lot of hanging around yesterday after leaving the customer. I hung around at SNA for two hours before my flight after stopping for dinner and wasting as much time as I could, then spent four hours at LAS waiting for my connecting flight. At SNA I watched the sun set, then this morning on the way home I saw it rise again.

My stopover at LAS was really strange. I landed there at 8:30 PM and it was as though the airport was deserted. A few people here and there, but for the most part, it was empty, like the last flight had just left and everyone was closing up. Turns out, the shops and restaurants weren't closing, they were just opening, and by 10:00 the airport was as crowded and noisy as any other airport on a Friday night. Yes, I did stop and play the slots, and lost $7 pretty quickly, and that was as much as I was willing to lose. Hey, it's Las Vegas, OK? And I figured that I had to do something to support the local economy, especially since they were nice enough not to have CNN Airport blasting.

Here's something that I saw that I just could not explain. At about 10:30, four young people (probably not much older than 21) walked into the gate area. It was clear that they were together, and since there were two guys and two girls, I would guess that maybe there was at least one couple. And, one of the guys was carrying an XBox with him. Now, this just blows my mind. If I was 21 years old, and I had a really nice looking girlfriend, and I was in Las Vegas with her for a little R and R, playing with my XBox would be the last thing on my mind. Someone try to explain that one to me. Maybe I'm just getting old, I don't know.

I managed to sleep for a while on the flight home, but kind of like the last time I did a west coast trip (documented in this entry), I still needed to go to bed when I got home. Mary went with me. I was up at 1:30; Mary, who had had a night's sleep, still managed to sleep until 4.

Speaking of the flight home, America West didn't play a movie or to the best of my knowledge even send the flight attendants up and down the aisle with a drink cart. They could teach Delta a lesson or two.

I actually get a full day at home tomorrow. The weather's supposed to be good, too. might not hear from me. I leave again on Monday afternoon to go back to Cleveland after spending some time with the development folks. Wonder how the weather's supposed to be there? I think I'd better take that jacket I bought on my last trip up there...

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