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On the other side of the slippery slope...

...that is my week here in beautiful Cleveland. It's rained and been foggy the entire time I've been here, and they're predicting more of the same. Mary said that the weather back home isn't that much better.

Things here are going all right, although I'm having some problems with some of the software that I came to install and I'm getting some heat for it. Maybe that's just my perception, but it seems like every time I get involved with this product, I get involved with the developers, who seem to have the attitude that if I can't get it to work, then I'm the reason. Did I mention that I was beginning to look for a new job?

I'm giving serious consideration to joining a couple of my out-of-work former coworkers and putting something together of my own. Of course, I haven't talked to them yet...

I got a call from the leader of the writers' group from back home. Evidently, she and the other person who's been hanging in there have decided to disband until the beginning of the school year. Just as well, I guess. Maybe I should do what rosecg looks like she's ready to do and write a novel over the next 30 days. Or, I could always write a few "Letters to Penthouse".

Guess I'll hit the sack in a couple of minutes. I had a whole bunch of ideas for what I wanted to write here, and now they've just sort of fallen out of my head. I haven't been sleeping all that well, probably because of the stiff back, which seems to have loosened up.

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