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View from the beginning of the week

It was actually pretty sunny yesterday when I arrived in Canton. Colder than Kelsey's you-know-what, but sunny nonetheless. I like the move to Daylight Saving Time, myself. The later sunset (as it were) meant that I got here during daylight. That's a good thing.

Baseball season has begun. The White Sox open in Kansas City today, and the Braves open at home tomorrow night. Life has meaning once again...

Speaking of sports, I had to read it in the paper this morning (which should indicate just how important it is to me), but it would appear that Georgia Tech (from right down the road in the big city) is in the NCAA Final this evening. Good luck to them; I probably won't watch, and am somewhat put out that the game will pre-empt Two and a Half Men and CSI: Miami, but good luck to them, anyway. And, for the record, I'm a graduate of Loyola University Chicago; they won the NCAA Championship 41 years ago.

I have a short week this week, since most of the people at the customer take Friday off, and I'm going to make it a three-and-a-half day weekend by not coming back until next Tuesday. So there. I need the rest. My attitude is worse now than it was two months ago, and it was bad enough then for me to quit. That option is still available to me at this point.

Oh, great; more rain and overcast this week, according to the Weather Channel. Oh, well, off to the shower.

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