John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

An after-work meme

This one from siliconshaman


Look out the window, or door, and tell me what catches your eye immediately?

The canopy over the front door of my hotel (the Courtyard in North Olmstead, OH).

What [if any] do you have set as your desktop wallpaper image ?

An adobe building from New Mexico

What images do you have next to your computer ?

A picture of a couple of ladies on the front of a menu for Angelina's Pizza.

Do you have a favorite color, why that one?

Green--I'm Irish.


Apart from the computer, what do you hear ?

The heating unit in my room.

What's the last piece of music you heard, or what are you listening to now ?

Something in the "smooth jazz" vein.

What tune is going through your head ?

A tune I heard this morning on The Weather Channel. I noticed it because it was based on what we jazz freaks call "rhythm changes"--the chord progression of Gershwin's "I Got Rhythm". The Weather Channel used to post the names of the songs that they played during the weather forecasts, but they haven't updated it in some time.

Do you wish it wasn't ?

Actually, I kind of like the rhythm changes.


What do the clothes you're wearing feel like in texture?

I'm wearing an Oxford cloth shirt and twill pants. The shirt is a bit coarse and the pants aren't.

What sensation of touch do you like best [and why] ?

I love the feel of the fur of my cats. They're all quite different: some of them are very smooth, some very coarse, some have very silky hair, and Milton, well, he doesn't have much hair at all. I also love the feel of my wife's skin.


Close your eyes and inhale, what do you smell right now ?

Not much of nose is stuffed up. I can't even smell the coffee that I just brewed.

Do you have a favorite scent, why that one ?

Not really one favorite. I don't have a particularly keen sense of smell.

And what's your least favorite smell ?

Putrid food in the refrigerator.


What did you eat last ?

A couple of cookies and some coffee.

Name your favorite taste combination?

Chocolate, ice cream and coffee.

What food do you really dislike?

Creamed corn and cooked carrots.

What is your comfort food [if any] and why ?

It depends. Just about anything will fit the bill. Last week, after a particularly bad day at the office, I wanted nothing more than a ribeye steak and fries.

Close your eyes again, ignore all other distractions.
Now, what do you think is happening around you just out of sight ?
Take a guess, go on.

People are entering and leaving their rooms at the hotel. I can hear the doors slamming.

ok, now go and look, I can wait....
were you right ? Completly, partly or not at all ?

I was right!

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