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Stop the music, or everything old is new again

I was watching something on TV this evening, and I saw a commercial for Kellogg's Corn Flakes with Bananas, "actual slices of banana in with the cereal." I distinctly rememeber Kellogg's Corn Flakes with Instant Bananas, advertised by the wonderful Jimmy Durante singing "Yes, We Have No Bananas", from sometime in the early 60's. I mean, my father was still alive when they first came out. I remember that Post came out with Corn Flakes and Strawberries, then Corn Flakes and Blueberries...

OK, not exactly the most important thing to waste valuable space in one's journal about, but nevertheless interesting, I think.

Things are going better than expected here this week. It's actually been sunny and mild here (nowhere near the mid-70s from back home), and work has actually been going well. I've already got a first cut at the report that I had estimated would have taken 2-3 weeks to develop (I haven't done a lot of development with this language), and it's only taken me four days. Of course, I haven't shown it to them yet, but as I see it, that gives me 1-2 weeks to make it work the way they want it to. I took the "eating an elephant" approach: one bite (byte?) at a time. Get one thing to work, then another thing, then another until it's done. I suppose you could write a book that way, or learn a tune on the guitar, or just about anything. I tend to be a "big picture" kind of guy, and don't typically take the incremental approach to anything. Maybe I can learn from this experience. Ya think?

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