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Much better!

I walked in yesterday and, magically, the job that I'd been trying to run for almost two weeks worked perfectly, and I was able to turn everything over to the users, who are now busy finding fault with all of the reports we built for them. I'm passing their comments along to the developers as they come in, because, hey, I got my thing working right.

So, it's Friday morning, I'm going home this evening, and I'm not planning on coming back next week. I have plenty to do at home and/or the office, they have my phone number, and things aren't as critical here anyway. I've got a presentation and a class to put together for the user conference, part of which I can use for this customer.

Right now, though, I'm focused on getting through today. The person who's been testing the reports is off today and Monday, and things are quiet, so I might get out early. That'd be nice.

So, it's off to the shower, then pack and get the hell out of here. Have a good, have a whole pantload of good ones.

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