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Keep Walking...

I can now officially say it: I used to work for Geac Enterprise Solutions, formerly Dun and Bradstreet Software, formerly Management Science America (MSA). I am now gainfully unemployed and without health insurance. I have this vision of politicians landing on my front lawn in this election year, ready to fawn over me and to decry my state of non-insurance.

Naturally, I've been spending a lot of time this week trying to find an insurance agent who is willing to go digging for a health insurance policy for a guy who is, according to all of the charts and diagrams, practically uninsurable, owing to the fact that he is "morbidly obese" and suffers from enough blood pressure for two people. The thing that bothers me is not that it's going to be difficult for me to obtain health insurance: I fully expected that. I'm at least 150 lbs overweight and am trying to control my weight and my blood pressure and having little or no success at either one. What bothers me is the attitude that I've encountered among some agents who aren't even willing to try to find something. The one or two who have told me that, despite my condition, they think that they can find a way to do it are the ones that I consider to be worth my while doing business with. I'm not going to give the time of day to anyone who won't dirty themselves with my particular condition, simply because they're going to have to do a little more work than they usually have to do just so they can write me a policy. I have no pity for them. I have money in hand and am ready to buy. If they don't want to sell to me...if they somehow see trying to find an insurance policy for a fat man as somehow beneath their station...then screw them. I am well aware of my state in life, and I don't necessarily disagree with the insurance companies. They're in the business of taking reasonable risks; if I'm not what they would consider a reasonable risk, that's their prerogative. I know what it'll cost to continue my current coverage. If I can find something cheaper, fine, if not, I figure I've got 18 months to lose enough weight to become insurable.

Enough about that.

Of greater concern this evening is the interview that I have scheduled for tomorrow morning, with a representative of a company that finds contract opportunities for training and development specialists. Funny, but after almost 20 years of classroom training experience and having developed any number of custom training classes for customers in that time, I have precious little to show for it. The guy wants to see samples of my work, and to my horror I haven't that many. So, I'll show him what I have. I have a new suit for the occasion, that makes me look like I beat people up for a living, and I managed to find my one good pair of dress wing tips in my hellhole of a closet. I'm not going to fret about it. I'm going to get a good night's rest and go in fresh and just do my best.

I've given myself a couple of days to get over the whole departure thing at the office. I got a note on Thursday from the idiot that I used to work for, telling me that he wasn't going to be in on Friday to see me off, but that he would have liked to have sat down and talked to me before I left. As if. He was probably scared that I'd show up and corner him in his office. I've never heard from the other boss (the one that I really did work for). She hasn't called, written or sent a ticking package to the house, so I figure I've heard the last from her.

On the other hand, I sent out a note on Friday morning (as is tradition) to let people know that it was my last day on the job, and one guy wrote back to ask if I could come in and see him and the rest of the support people before I left. I did. When I got there, this guy hugged me. He's not the kind of a guy to hug ANYONE. Everyone there was sad to see me go, but very happy for me and almost looking to me for advice on how they could get out, too. The general consensus is that it's only a matter of time before everyone else is escorted out the door. I give it a year; I figure that this company is probably already talking to companies in Mumbai about taking over the support and maintenance of the software.

The day I turned in my resignation, I downloaded a beautiful screen saver from the Johnnie Walker website. After a number of pictures (I think it's a woman swimming with dolphins), there's a couple of pages that come up. One says "Take the first step" and the other one says "Keep Walking".

That's what I plan to do.

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