John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

Sunday evening update

Well, I spent most of yesterday believing that my Internet connection was down, after having spoken with Comcast who told me that the fact that my modem light was blinking was an indication that something was wrong with the wire which they have left somehow still sitting on the lawn of the people next-door. Of course, today, after spending most of the day watching baseball and playing solitaire on the computer, I tried resetting the modem again and, lo and behold, everything was working perfectly. So I guess I can call Comcast and let them know that they don't need to come on Tuesday, which they swore to me was the early as that they could come out and see me.

One thing that I didn't do was to get my voice recognition software working. In fact, this is the way that I'm writing this particular journal entry. It does seem kind of odd, having to let the software know when to insert the punctuation, but, I suppose, that's part of the game. I figure I talk a lot better than I write, and since most of writing is simply talking on paper anyway, talking it seems to be a pretty good way to deal with it. This was a suggestion that I had read in the book a while back, in it seemed fairly feasible. I'm very fluent when I speak, but not quite as fluent when I write. This way, I don't spend as much of my time going back over things that have already written and saying, okay, I want to replace this with this. Of course, I do tend to ramble. And sometimes, the software doesn't quite get the words correct. I suppose, with time, I will get better with the software, and the software will get better with me. It makes me wonder sometimes whether I speak clearly enough, or if it is simply a problem with the voice recognition software. It does seem to get about 90 percent of what I'm saying correct, so I suppose that's one point in its favor.

One thing I did learn from thinking that the my connection to the Internet was down was said I've really become trapped by it. I spend a good portion of my day simply going out to the Internet, checking my e-mail, checking my LiveJournal, checking my My Yahoo! page, and in general wasting a lot of time. Today, believing that I couldn't check my e-mail or do any of that, I was actually tempted to clean my office and go through the bookcase. I know that eventually I will have to do all of that, but not tonight.

Things are going well with the personal trainer. I've signed up to attend 4 one hour sessions per week for this month, and 3 1 hour sessions per week for several months thereafter. Already I've noticed a big difference in the way that I feel, it if not exactly the way that I look. One thing that has me concerned is that eventually I will have to meet with the certified dietitian with the club, and she will want to know what I've been eating. I've actually been pretty good with the eating, except for today when I had hot dogs and Arby's sandwiches complete with a jamocha shake. I hope she doesn't yell at me too much when she sees that. I'll be good the rest of the week, I promise.

That's all from this end. More later.

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