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Sunday AM update

I won't be starting my contract work until Wednesday, unless they can work out the contractual stuff before then. It reduces the amount of prep time that I'll have, but that should be OK. It's been my experience that you can be too prepared for a training assignment, and it tends to add to the frenzy associated with it.

I've scheduled my appointment with the Health Department for my vaccinations. It appears that I need to be vaccinated against yellow fever and should probably take the anti-malaria medication, although I'm going to be in a big city (which one hasn't yet been determined) and it probably isn't much of an issue. I'm also in search of a power inverter to step down the 220V lines to the 110V that my laptop runs on. I might also need a plug adaptor; none of the websites that I've been to has been particularly clear on just what Filipino outlets look like, and I gather that they could be similar to US outlets or to European outlets. Maybe I'll call one of the companies that I've found on the Internet and just ask them to set me up. That'll solve it.

Apart from that, I'm getting excited about the trip. I've been to South America, Europe and Australia, and now I'm on my way to Asia. That'll just leave Africa before I've been to all of the continents of the inhabited world. (Yes, I know that there are settlements on Antarctica, but I doubt that I'll get there. But, with me, you never know.)

The workouts have been going well. I'm sore when they're finished, but I can tell a big difference just in the couple of weeks that I've been doing this. I don't get the backaches that I had been getting, I can stand for longer periods of time, I'm more alert and awake (that could be a result of the tribulus that I've been taking) and I'm in a generally better mood. I'm still quite heavy (it's going to be a while before I lose all of the weight that I have to lose), but my muscle tone is better, my legs are no longer as swollen as they have been, and I've lost inches in a few areas. My blood pressure seems to be coming down as well.

I need to make time to play the guitar. I've neglected that part of my life and I shouldn't.

That's about all that's been going on at this end. It would appear that the networks aren't going to devote as much time to the conventions as they have in the past, which is fine with me. I've checked, and all of my favorite shows (CSI: Miami, Two and a Half Men, NCIS, CSI) are scheduled for this week. And there's baseball. Political conventions are a waste of time anyway.

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