John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

Everyone else seems to be doing this

The \\
Last Cigarette:About ten years ago
Last Alcoholic Drink:A couple of months ago; Jack Daniel's and water
Last Car Ride:About an hour ago
Last Kiss:A few minutes ago
Last Good Cry:It's been a couple of years
Last Library Book:A book on resume writing
Last book bought:A traveler's guide to the Philippines
Last Book Read:Doing The Work You Love, by Michelle Gilman
Last Movie Seen in Theatres:Anchorman
Last Movie Rented:Spiderman (I'm guessing)
Last Cuss Word Uttered:bullshit!
Last Beverage Drank:A protein shake
Last Food Consumed:Corn Bran cereal
Last Crush:I'm not tellin'...
Last Phone Call:from my brother last night
Last TV Show Watched:"That's My Baby" on Animal Planet
Last Time Showered:about 11:30 this morning
Last Shoes Worn:New Balance walking shoes
Last CD Played:Jimmy Raney, "A"
Last Item Bought:A traveler's guide to the Philippines
Last Download:An album from
Last Annoyance:Being interrupted in the middle of writing something
Last Disappointment:Not starting my consulting job on Monday (I start tomorrow)
Last Soda Drank:Diet Rite tangerine a few weeks ago
Last Thing Written:A reply to a post by summerlady
Last Key Used:B flat
Last Words Spoken:Excuse me?
Last Sleep:Ended at about 8 this morning
Last Ice Cream Eaten:a Healthy Choice chocolate bar
Last Chair Sat In:the recliner in my office
Last Webpage



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