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Lunchtime ramblings

I thought I was going to have to go to the office today to participate in a meeting with my boss regarding training on a new product that my company is coming out with, but he called earlier and told me that he was stuck elsewhere and couldn't make it, saving me a trip and averting what might have been a confrontation between us. Long story, would rather not get into it.

Mary's got a terrible case of what was diagnosed by the doc-in-the-box on Saturday as bronchitis. She got some meds that have helped some, but she's still coughing up a storm. We're on our way to the real doctor in about an hour to follow up. She's kind of weak and tired, and she has exams starting tomorrow, so good thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

I realized that I'm about five weeks away from "guitar camp", the National Guitar Workshop in Nashville the week of July 13. After a hiatus of eight years, I'm finding that I have to relearn a lot of the things that I knew well, and, unfortunately, returning to a lot of my "I think too much" habits. I've somehow got it into my head that I need to relearn everything that I knew then, and finding myself overwhelmed by the experience. My more reasonable mind has told me to take my own advice: The only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. My "first bite", if you will, is a book by one of my guitar teachers, Jim Ferguson, with whom I was privileged to study with one-on-one a few years back at an earlier Workshop. He's a former editor of Guitar Player magazine, a tremendous teacher, and a hell of a nice guy. Just reading his book, All Blues For Jazz Guitar brings back good memories.

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More later...

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