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Yeah, you know, that was it, really

One of the books that I started reading before I left my last job was The Money Is The Gravy, by John Clark. John has a website,, that has a lot of the information that he has in the book.

Anyway, I subscribe to his e-zine, and this issue that came today put a lot of the changes that I've been making into perspective. It's hard to say that you have to work through the hurt of losing a job (or having it become clear that it's time to leave), mostly because most of us don't see it as pain. I know that I didn't. And yet, as I look at a whole new world opening up to me, I realize that it's over, gone, done with, and I have to let it go. I started letting it go the day I resigned, but now it's time to forget about it. But I had to go through the pain of being told that I was being given thirty days to shape up or ship out before I was ready to say, all right, it's time to leave the old behind and let the dead bury the dead. I'm on a new journey now.

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