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Good day at the office today. It felt good to get back to work and do something productive. And, it's amazing how well I can focus when I'm not tempted to check email a thousand times a day. I didn't have a client computer at my disposal, so I worked off of my laptop, which was not connected to their network. Tomorrow, I work with a technical SME (that's subject matter expert, not the right hand man to Captain Hook--I guess that would make him a right hook man, wouldn't it?) and get my hands on their system. It looks like a pretty simple system to train, and I'm sure everything is going to fall into place once I get some practice with it.

Having said that, they've handed me a real mess that I'm going to have to work out. The "training materials" are nothing more than some informal documents that were thrown together. I've got my work cut out for me, and not a whole lot of prep time. I get the sense that the trip is being pushed back a week or two, which will give me some extra time. I may need it.

I got to the client site about 45 minutes before I was expected, so I stopped downstairs from them to have a cup of coffee, and I realized just how much I missed being with other people. Not that I haven't enjoyed my time at home with Mary and the cats, and not that I haven't had plenty of opportunities to be with other people, but there was something good about going to work and being in the office.

Workout went well after work. I didn't have to stop as often as I've had to during the workout, and we managed to finish early. I'm certainly feeling like I'm much better shape, and I've had several people remark that I look better than I did when I started. I know I've taken off inches, if not pounds. My trainer is going to have me go out of town with a set of Power Bands and work out with them while I'm out of town, as well as whatever equipment they'll have at any hotel I'll be staying at, or whatever I can scrounge, I guess.

I saw something on TV that gave me pause. Evidently, 600 people a day are getting sick from drinking the water in southern Asia. Technically, the Philippines is southeast Asia, but I've been warned about the water. I'll be stopping at the camping supply place for water filters and purification tablets this weekend.

That's about it at this end. I get my shots tomorrow. Yippee!

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